Ways to more money: 9 tips against the doldrums in the wallet

Let’s be honest: times when you are short of cash are sure to be known to everyone. The best tips against the doldrums in the wallet shows this guide.

The reasons for the empty onion leather can be very diverse: If a large household appliance breaks down, such as the refrigerator or the washing machine, not only is good advice, but sometimes the new purchase is expensive.

Money is not everything, but without money everything is nothing.

In addition, there are these special weeks in which one celebration chases the other. If you are invited, of course you bring a present. Acts as a host, it is to feed their own guests. And that also falls into the category of “other expenses”, which can certainly break a financial hole in the wallet.


# 1 / If nothing else, borrow something

Special circumstances require special behavior. So if the separation pain of long-term partners is bearable only by a change of scenery, then it is quite conceivable to lick the emotional wounds in a spa hotel. Anyone who gets weak and does not want to wait for the next payday, can nowadays help with particularly short and fast loans, where the repayment sum remains within limits due to the short term. The money should flow within an hour. It must be repaid within 30 days.

# 2 / Spare at the time, then you are in need

In order to produce no more doldrums in the long term, it makes sense to calculate as if less money were available. Financial experts explain that the error is often due to the fact that the most favorable case is expected, but this rarely occurs in everyday life. Tip: If 100 Euros had to be left, consumers should significantly reduce this imaginary number again. Anyone who assumes that they have only 50 euros available will adjust accordingly. Financial apps help to keep track of revenue and expenses.

# 3 / Selling the stuff you do not need anyway

Unnecessary may be sold! The golden rule against trinkets at home and too little money in the wallet is: All that has not been used for at least one and a half years, may go away. The mucking can begin at the closet and does not end with the kitchen utensils. Depending on what variety of products comes together, things can be sold online or change hands at a traditional home flea market. Who chooses the online variant, can read here, which apps are there to make used money.

What else do you need?

# 4 / Buy well needed

Anyone who thinks thoroughly about their consumption behavior can optimize their own financial situation. This works best for the offspring: children seldom need their toys and clothes – so why not buy good used products? That saves money and on top of that, it’s even more sustainable than just throwing away clothes that have become too small, or simply throwing away toys that are only briefly recorded. The same is true for adults: it does not have to be a new bicycle if a good used one can serve the same purpose. More about re-commerce can be read here.

# 5 / Use exchange communities

In the past, the exchange of goods was a matter of course. And even if the basic principle has gone out of fashion, it is still a good idea to save money. If you have an apple tree, you can eat the fruits yourself, but you can also attach the apple pie or applesauce in the neighborhood. Maybe there will be something in return for the freshly baked bread. Foodsharing or special Facebook groups could be helpful here.

Money does not stink, he tells himself.

# 6 / Be careful about zero percent funding

Tempting is the offer of the banks to offer products in installments and to promise that not even interest will be charged for the financing. The Consumer Center advises to examine zero-percent financing in detail. If residual debt insurance, loan loss insurance or installment insurance are offered, dangers lurk. Also, additional costs, an additional credit line, a balloon rate or other tricks can cost more on the bottom line. An installment purchase should therefore be well considered and calculated well.

# 7 / Find a side job

A side job can fill the financial hole for a reasonable amount of time. Frequently, the problem of financial deficits is affecting young families. If a source of income disappears or becomes temporarily lower, that is still the foreseeable part of the financial losses. However, only a few people know what the young ones really cost. To minimize the difference between government benefits and initial earnings, a part time job often helps. Also in this area has revolutionized quite a lot, because a part-time job does not necessarily have to be tendered by a company. Private individuals are also looking for help with gardening, home renovation or other activities. Even home activities via online platforms can be profitable! If you work here on a regular basis, you will rarely have a doldrums in your wallet.

The mobile ATM: Make money online

# 8 / Check out Affiliate, Services and more

If you want to build up a second foothold in the long term, you can create an idea to make money on the Internet. If you have a special hobby or focus topic, you can set up a theme blog and generate income via affiliate advertising. Even setting up your own price comparison page could flush money into the cash register. If you want to become active yourself, you can earn money with online surveys, website research and other small tasks on the net. Also, virtual assistants are increasingly entering the market and earning their money.

# 9 / Earn Online Money

Making money online can be done in even more ways. Especially the Internet offers daring and less daring people a plethora of possibilities.

Therefore, the ninth tip should be a link to a detailed post, which shows you 29 other ways to avoid the slack in the wallet.

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