Photos with a difference: This is how you translate creative image looks into Adobe Lightroom

Give your shots a cool image look like from Hollywood. With simple settings, Lightroom can turn normal shots into inspiring masterpieces. So you control the image effect on the viewer. You’ll be amazed at what you can get out of your photos!

Fashion look

Images in the current fashion image look not only show a beautiful motif in a special pose, but also a special color style to emphasize the special. In the basic settings, you reduce thetemperatureto -15 and raise theTinton +15. Thedeepare lowered to -15,Whiteslightly raised andblackslightly reduced. So the picture looks much cooler.

Image look /  Syda Productions

Theclarityis set to +30, the dynamics to +20. Open theSplit Toningand click on the color picker. Now you can choose from the color spectrum the color that matches the color mood that you want to achieve with the photo. For the brightest areas in the picture, I have chosen an orange tone here. For the lows follows a bluish tone. About the saturation you control the strength of the implementation. thanksHSLyou can also strengthen individual color areas. Here the roses, the lipstick and the dress were lifted out.


image look

overeffectsbecomes onevignetteactivated. The amount was at -35, midpoint +35 and roundness +60. The soft edge should also be set very high. If too dark areas should be lightened, activate theAdjustment brushwith exposure and paint over the corresponding places in the picture.

Urban look

Night shots show the bright colors of the lights. If that’s too colorful for you, you can concentrate on one hue and greatly reduce the rest in saturation. Go to itHSLand set the colors to -100, which you want to completely desaturate. The other colors (here orange and yellow) are strengthened.

Image look /  zhu difeng

Since you have taken the picture color, you give as a contrast contrast. useRemove clarity and haze(under effects!). In order to intensify the orange tone of the lights, you go to partial toning, set as a warm hue and reinforces thesaturation.

Film grain look

Especially with black and white shots, it pays to test whether some grain can optimize the special effect of a photo. If the picture is colored, the controller becomessaturationpulled to -100, then the clarity greatly increased. The knobs lights, shadows, black and white then control the implementation of the achromatic version in detail.

Image look /  bezikus

Under effects is thegranulationto find. The strength determines the contrasts between the brightest and darkest points of the grain. The size looks more like a blur on the grain; lets it blur. The regulator irregularity could also be called roughness. From a “normal” grit it goes to chaotic noise. In interaction very nice Grain simulations are possible.

image look

Cinematic look

In many current films, the color grading effect is a mixture of orange highlights and bluish shadows. This typical orange / teal look can also be designed in Lightroom. Go to the areacamera calibrationand play with the controlsPrimary values blueandPrimary values red, If that did not lead to the desired result, then switch to the areaSplit Toning, Place the colors of the lights on an orange tone, for the depths on “aquamarine”.

Imagelook /  lassedesignen

Thesaturationdetermines the strength of the implementation. Go to the basic settings and strengthen theclarityfor a nice contrasty look. Under effects is thevignetteof the picture even stronger.

Western-picture look

It does not always have to be the action-packed movie. The Western classic has its charm. An appropriate recording is here on thesaturationalmost deprived of color (-65). About HSL you go in the areacolourto emphasize a hue. Here was the red. So it comes to a nice retro effect.

Image look /  Doug Lemke

This can be further enhanced by theSplit Toningthe values 40, 80, -100, 35 and 25 are entered. So we achieve a hard sepia-look, which is weakened at the same time. First, but under effects onevignetteactivated. The old, washed-out vintage effect is now overRemove hazein the picture. The controller is strongly pulled in the negative area (-55). Also somethinggranulationfits the picture idea.

image look


It’s amazing how colors in particular can influence the viewer’s feelings. The matching contrasts support the mood. So hundreds of different picture styles are possible, depending on the combination of each controller.