Photoshop: How to play with the fire and other effects

Almost every second of a blockbuster is being reworked today with special effects. In Photoshop, we can simulate some of these techniques to give a simple shot a special color mood. A few more lighting effects, some smoke, dust particles or even fire and the scene is already like from the Hollywood studios, Hollywood with Photoshop.


Hollywood Special Effect # 1: Color Looks

The easiest way to color look is via the main menu andImage> Corrections> Color LookuporLayer> New adjustment layer> Color Lookup.


Here I have firstFoggyNightActivated and reduces the layer cover force to 50%. It followedCrisp_Winterwith 40% opacity. Also thePhoto filterare suitable for a first color look, which sets the basis for the other effects, such as snow as a texture.



Hollywood Special Effect # 2: Smoke

PressDon the keyboard to enable the standard colors black and white. It follows a new level and there theFilter> Render Filter> Clouds, The layer gets a mask overLayer> Layer Masks> Show All, Also in the mask is theclouds filterapplied.


A right click on the mask allowsApply layer mask, In the Layers panel, click the buttonAdd layer maskwhile pressedAlt key, The smoke is faded out. Now paint this specifically with thebrush, a soft tool tip and white foreground color. overImage> Corrections> Hue / Saturationwith activatedTo dyethe smoke can still be colored.


Hollywood Special Effect # 3: Fire

To use Photoshop’s flamethrower, we first need a path. Activate thisPen tooland paint the path with a few clicks. Create a new layer (aboutShift + Ctrl + N) and go to the menuFilter> Render Filter> Flame.


It opens a large dialog window, with numerous settings options. So you can about thatlength, Width and angle of the flames, whoseturbulence, Flames and also color.


Hollywood Special Effect # 4: Blood

Blood can be easily drawn with the appropriate tool tips. A goodSource for brush presetsis Enter in the search maskBlooda moment later, you will discover numerous matching tool tips. After downloading and unpacking, activate the brush and open the options barSelection for brush presets.


Right, above you see a littlegear, which calls up a list of further options. Get up thereLoad brushand select the new brush tips. Now you can activate a spike with blood spatters in the selection and work in a red color on a new level. Often it is helpful to level up the blending modeMultiplyswitch, for a more realistic effect.


Hollywood Special Effect # 5: Background

If the background is almost monochrome, it can be very easy with theQuick Selection toolbe selected. The size of the tool tip also determines the fineness of the implementation. In the Layers panel, clickAdd layer maskwhile pressedAlt keyto indemnify the model.


It follows a click on the menuWindow> Propertiesand there on the buttonmask Feather, Use this already activatedRim improve toolto drive along the edges. If the edge is improved, you add the new background and give the composition a color look, through combinations of color lookups.


Hollywood Special Effect # 6: Particles

Hundreds of particles fly around during explosions. To simulate these in Photoshop by hand, is quite laborious. Easier is the offer of Media Militia in use, whose Particles Pack equals 25 cropped images with particle explosions. Just paste it into the picture, overCtrl + Tadjust the size: finished! If you want to go a step further, create a texture over the particles and then go to the menuLayer> Create clipping mask.


Hollywood Special Effect # 7: Lighting effects

Worth seeing are also the typical strong color lighting effects that make a scene seem so dramatic. A good way is to use a darker shot to draw light on your own layers with the brush and the color you want. Set up the filling method of the layercolour, let’s goShining lightto achieve such an effect.


Even if the effects were mostly presented individually, they can and should be naturalstrongly combinedbe, for the most beautiful Hollywood experiences from the dream factory.