Against the digital revolution: Was everything really better in the past?

I still often hear the stereotypical statement that everything was better in the past. However, when I think about it for myself and my own past, I can not confirm that.

If you, like me, are at home in Digitalia and earning your money online, then the changes of the past 25 years are certainly the best thing that could happen to you. Let’s see what has changed.

1. Working in your own home

Home workstations were also available in the nineties. They cost the employer, however, a real amount of money and were therefore to obtain only under extreme conditions. Since you had to be severely disabled or otherwise restricted mobility.


My Home Office is my Castle.

A home workplace is normality these days. Even salaried minors are getting more and more permission from their employers to work one or two working days out of their home.

Even VPN-secured accesses are no longer investment decisions. The technology is available and cheap. That was definitely not better in the past.

2. International contacts

Whether I receive today an order from Chile or from Munich, which I process digitally, does not matter at all. Whether my friends are 200 or 2,000 kilometers away does not matter. It has never been easier to maintain and maintain contacts or transact across borders.

I used to have fewer contacts …

Social networks ensure the virtual cohesion of even larger groups of friends. Professional networks facilitate collaboration across corporate and national boundaries. That was not better in the past.

3. The network is open all the time

When I get the idea that I still need a cable for my smartphone for the weekend trip, I quickly change the browser tab and order it from the technical retailer my trust. Preferably at night I remember what I still wanted to get. Since my computer is online for 24 hours, I do not even have to remember the failure. I change from bed to desk and do the order.

Especially useful is the network, where it is about errands that you can not do at every turn. So I’m attached to the vegan lifestyle and have here locally only a small selection of products. In the net I have a wealth of specialized online shops available.

Nice, but temporally and spatially inflexible.

I remember well what kind of floppy and CD battles I used to have when I bought new software. Especially impressive were the Microsoft products. You had to drag them out of the shop for two, because one person alone could not handle the weight.

These days I can either buy software online or I’ll use solutions that are distributed as web apps. This is how I handle my billing. Some providers rely on subscription models, which are also distributed over the network. If it goes, but I rely on the good old model of purchase. I confess, however, that I have never purchased software in the middle of the night.

What can I say? Even that was not better in the past.

4. Communication

I already mentioned that it has become much more convenient to maintain contacts around the world in a timely manner. This comfort is favored by the modern possibilities of free communication.

There are dozens of messengers to choose from in order to satisfy the communication drive of Homo Digitalis. Even the late nineties sauteure and totally inappropriate video communication, we can perform today comfortably and with good results. Incidentally, I always prefer Skype, but I can not escape the omnipresent WhatsApp.

This was by no means better.

5. Knowledge

It is a contradiction in terms that just in our time, where everyone in the world, the Internet access is available, and thus at the same time also a cornucopia of knowledge is accessible, yet spreading the collective stupidity in all areas so rapidly.

This work was in my youth room.

In general, however, it is to be regarded as purely positive that today I no longer need a wall unit full Brockhaus to have a comprehensive general knowledge at hand. That was certainly not better in the past.

Of course, there is also the flip side of digitization. However, they did exist during the industrial revolution. Personally, the advantages of the modern possibilities clearly prevail.

What do you think? Was everything better in the old days?