With these three free measures you improve your online presence immediately

Making your website more reachable, prettier, better, always costs money? No not always. In fact, there are hugely powerful ways to accomplish this without any money.

The only thing that needs to be done is a little bit of work, a willingness to learn and, of course, the desire to really improve your performance – and especially in the latter one should always maintain an attitude of “the better is the enemy of the good”. Better is always and should always be the goal.


1. Make the blog broader reach

Regardless of whether you run a shop or have designed your appearance in a completely different direction, a blog belongs there in principle (and who does not have, should catch up quickly).

Why? For many reasons:

  1. It’s the perfect way to get in touch with the site visitor on a more personal level. The digital equivalent of tie-breaking in a business round. One remains on the subject, but less rigid.
  2. You can roll out things in all latitude ideal there. Best shop example: The detailed structure, test, etc. of a product. Here a blog entry can be much more detailed than any product page can do.
  3. Search engine optimization. Google loves it when pages are regularly updated with fresh, high quality content. And for shop operators in particular, this is an ingenious way to achieve this goal without having to constantly change anything in the product portfolio.
  4. Customer information. Every visitor gets the opportunity to learn more about the site operator, his products, services, etc. This in turn strengthens customer loyalty.

But enough of the argument, how do you make your blog wider range? Take it easy and check out this nice quid-pro-quo program, the GetResponse Blogger Program.

Source: John Schnobrich / Unsplash

The process is as follows: You create a free account where you can promote your blog among the thousands of other members. In return, in the next two months, you will mention a tool of this service on a channel of your choice.

As a thank you, there’s a free pro account, which in turn opens the door to many more advanced marketing tools for which you would otherwise have to put cash on the virtual table.

2. Screw up the visual requirement

Throw on Dr. Just have a look into a handful of completely arbitrary articles. Let’s take the product photos for beginners, the login designer of WordPress or the text via Headless Browser.

What is striking about these three (and many others)? They contain not only text, but also image and partially video material. And why? No, not to lighten the text and prevent the reader from being hit by a wall of words. But because the eye not only on the plate mitisst, but also on the Web.

But: optical media are not the same optical media. Means, even in this day and age, where many consider that the camera or their software does everything, there is still room for improvement in practically everything.

This brings us to another free tool, the GIMP. Who does not know it yet: The GIMP is an image editing program. A very powerful one that comes very close to the gold standard Photoshop. GIMP is similarly open source, as it is, for example, the wiki software. That means anyone can use it for any purpose.

And that’s exactly what you should do. Because, although of course there are other image editing programs in the widths of the Web, but comes from the free nothing to the performance of the GIMP approach – especially if it is the open-source nature, even countless tools, helpers and instructions. Also here with Dr. Web offers a whole range of GIMP-specific articles.

Using GIMP opens up countless possibilities. You could simply graphically improve your photos, for example lighten, improve the contrast. Likewise, you can really go into depth, create your own filters and thus miss the online appearance a very unique visual language that gives him another unique selling point.

But: good pictures today are only one side of the coin. The other is videos. The soundtracked moving image expands the scope of the photo opening into a gigantic one. However, it must be clear that anyone who comes to one page today is really spoiled video.

This means that the fact that videos are included there is absolutely not enough anymore. If you want to take some points today, you have to tackle the whole thing at least semi-professionally. It starts with learning how to film “correctly”. Do not worry, this is actually possible with the smartphone, as long as it is set to at least Full HD.

The editing should, however, again be done because of the more precise operation, the larger screen on the computer. In turn, there’s VSDC, a video editor that is very far-reaching in terms of functionality. Even the free version is absolutely enough to cut, adjust sound, etc.

3. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, which one does not operate, is an unnecessarily wasted contact with the target group. This is actually a real cardinal error today, because it is a direct and above all free third way beyond social media and Google.

Above all, e-mail marketing offers great freedom, while you are always pressed in the two other options mentioned in a predetermined frame.

But, like any other marketing option, you should not start this headless, otherwise the thing is quickly unprofessional and you get the exact opposite of the desired. To make sure that does not happen, you should familiarize yourself with GetResponse. Exactly, the tool for which you can earn a free pro account when following the first point.

The tool should be used because it gives you a whole range of graphical options to make your mail look really professional. In addition, it helps to personalize the mails with dynamic content, based on various customer factors, and thus significantly increase the response rate.

Likewise, the helper also has the ability to integrate autoresponders that allow you to create time-based messages-more content that you need to do less personally.

Now that you have implemented these three things, you have not spent a single penny – but have given your side a hefty boost that will be felt in the coming weeks and months. But of course also applies here: just do not stop!

(Post Image:Mohamed Hassan / pixabay)