Coverr: Hundreds of free videos for your website

Every day a new video, respectively every Monday seven new videos – that was the promise of the operators of Coverr. So you wanted to become a kind of unsplash for video. Meanwhile, we know that did not work out. Therefore we should not write off Coverr for a long time …

By the way: As the name Coverr suggests, the videos are best suited as covers, ie as hero videos for the website background.

Professional filmmakers built Video Platform Coverr as a side project

Coverr is operated by members of the former team. is a platform on which customers can search and book suitable film makers for their purposes. Unfortunately, this promising concept quickly became interesting for others, and so is now part of the Fiverr’s range of price dumpers. Coverr has, in spite of the same doubling of R in the name, nothing to do with Fiverr, but is maintained as a side project by the founders.

Coverr: The landing page starts the search. If you scroll down, you’ll find more options. (Screenshot: Dr. Web)

Coverr: Find and download videos without detours

Optically, Coverr is a good thing, and finding and finding interesting videos is not rocket science. The website now presents hundreds of professional videos in an endlessly scrolling grid that can be further thematically filtered in the form of category tags.

If you click on one of the videos, it opens in a popup. Here you will see the video as such. Likewise there is the possibility to download the video or to display it as a coverr, ie as a background. If you choose this option, the background video from the Coverr website will be replaced with your current selection, so you can assess its suitability quite well.

If you decide to download, you will get a Zip on your record. The zip contains the video as MP4 and JPG screenshot.

Much less complicated can not be a download. (Screenshot: Dr. Web)

You should use all variants on your website. How that works, show the operators of Coverr also. Under the video grid, you’ll find three snippets in HTML, CSS, and JS that you’ll just need to tweak to use the video as a hero section in your site.

Coverr is free

As already mentioned, all short films are free to use. So far, the chosen license was the maximum liberal, namely it was CC Zero, also known as the public domain. Such licensed assets are considered public domain, so they can be freely used by anyone for any purpose.

Bad experience has led the operators to stop using CC0 as a license. That’s why very clever netizens felt motivated to make the free videos available to other stock video sites. It should even come to sales.

So now it’s a dedicated license that’s quite similar, but just does not allow you to sell the videos as such or make them available through a rival platform. That’s no problem for the righteous designer. He can handle the videos as he would have done under CC0.

Coverr 2.0

Let’s go back to the initial promise. Seven videos every seven days, the operators have not made it. If that were the case, we would already have to find over 2,000 videos on Coverr. As it is, when everyday life interferes in the things you actually much prefer.

Example of one of the new vertical videos. (Screenshot: Dr. Web)

After all, the Coverr Guys were not satisfied with the situation and therefore implemented Version 2.0 of the service in 2018, which is characterized in particular by changes in the design, which now reacts much faster. Finally, a search function was also implemented. The version 2.0 was also used to finally implement hundreds of new videos that had accumulated. Likewise, the ability to contribute your own videos was simplified.

Brand new arrived a portfolioVertical Videos, so videos that were filmed upright, added. These are ideal for designs designed for smartphones.

As a result, I can continue to recommend Coverr to you unreservedly. Make yourself a picture.

Post Image:Pexels / pixabay