Better than tutorials: 40 free PSD files with open levels (+ tips)

Now let’s take a closer look at professional designers, because free PSD files with open layers allow us to understand the structure of the graphics layer by layer.

So we often learn more than with the help of tutorials. Each adjustment layer, each layer style and each layer mode can be fully understood. And there are plenty of levels here, of course, if a camera, a sneaker or a cell phone are recreated down to the smallest detail. Enjoy this insight into the world of Photoshop professionals. As always, we have hidden some nice Photoshop tips between the files again …

Pen icon (PSD)

psd file1

Glossy Discussion Icon (PSD)

psd file2

Packaging PSD

psd file3

Fire Extinguisher PSD

psd file4

Paper Coffee Cup

psd file5

Computer Mouse Icon (PSD)

psd datei7
Author:PSD graphics

To-Do List Icon

psd datei8

Red Sale Tag PSD

psd File10

Photoshop Tip # 1: Easier to detect layer contents

To see at a glance what content is on a layer, clickLayers panelat the top, right on the button to theLayer optionsleads. Select from the listpanel optionson. Enable the largest thumbnail size and maybe thumbnail content: layer boundaries. The thumbnails in the Layers panel are displayed larger and limited to the actual content.


Marker Pen Highlighter Icon (PSD)

psd datei11

Coffee Cups PSD Graphic

psd datei14

Combination Padlock Icon (PSD)

psd datei15

Video Projector Icon

psd datei16

Wall Clock Template

psd datei17

Books Icon (PSD)

psd datei18

iMac Psd Mockup Template

psd datei19

First-Aid Medical Kit Icon (PSD)

psd datei20

Metal Button Template

psd datei21
Author:PSD graphics

Space Rocket Icon (PSD)

psd datei22

Pretty Polaroids (PSD)

psd datei23

MacBook Pro Retina PSD Mockup

psd datei24

Retro PSD badge

psd datei28

Leather UI Elements PSD

psd datei30

Photoshop Tip # 2: Move Tool

Another option to detect layer contents uses thisMove Tool, If you right-click in the image in the document, all the levels below the mouse pointer are displayed in a list clickable. If you want a click to activate the top level immediately, put a tick in the options barAuto Select: Level.


Mother Nature – Unfinished PSD Artwork

psd datei33
Author:Andrei Oprinca

Responsive Devices PSD Mockup

psd datei34
Author:Free PSD Files

PSD Vector Ribbons Vol.1

psd datei35

Award badge PSD

psd datei36

Beautiful iPad Mockup Template PSD for Free

psd datei39
Author:Css Author

Blueprint Notice PSD

psd datei40
Author:Ali Asghar

Dribbble Wallet PSD & Process

psd datei41
Author:Anton Badashov

Social Media Tree Icon (PSD)

psd datei42

High Resolution Google Map PSD

psd datei43

Document Wizard Icon (PSD)

psd datei44

The Dribbble Shoes

psd datei45
Author:King Jean

Magnifying Loupe PSD

psd datei46

Vintage Web Badge PSD

psd datei47

Stopwatch Icon PSD

psd datei48

Color wheel icon

psd datei49

(This amount first appeared in June 2013 and has been kept up to date since then, with the last update in May 2019.)