Gaming and more: That’s how you choose the right mouse for your needs

Anyone who pursues a hobby intensively, will eventually need exactly tailored equipment – this is also the case with gaming. But do gamers really need special mice, and how do you figure out which one is right for you? We looked at what factors depend on which gaming mice are right for you and how you can filter out potential candidates before you buy them.

Gaming Mice – Why Really?

Why exactly do gamers need special input devices – do not normal office mice and keyboards do it? After all, the basic functions of a gambling mouse are not very different from those of a standard mouse.

However, there are these rather expensive devices, and they have their raison d’tre, such as costly but extremely powerful monitors for media designers. Several factors distinguish gaming devices from the gray crowd:

  • Precision is urgently needed, even with fast movements. Even if a good feeling in the hand is the most important thing in the long run, powerful sensors are also mandatory.
  • Adjustability according to your own specifications is essential, so that when switching to a new input device, the habitual hand-eye coordination is not lost.
  • Extremely high load capacity is necessary. Depending on the type of game can be clicked up to a hundred times per minute. The device must withstand this in the long run. the haivan

Of course, a lot of technical finesse comes together to ensure that all these factors are met as well as possible, hence the higher price.

In order to offer the right mouse for every player type, the manufacturers vary their models with all sorts of technical key data, which results in an extremely wide variety of different devices. If you are looking for a rodent, you are spoiled for choice. We’ve summarized how you decide which properties are important to you and how to filter out the right candidates for you. After narrowing the field, you can pick the best mice for your needs, for example, in the Only4gamers comparison test.

Determine your own requirements

In order to start the identification process of an input device, it is important to record your own claims at the beginning. Because: There is no “best mouse”, and no clear buy recommendation, the flat rate for a particular type of player will be the right one. If you only play solitaire from time to time, you will be well served by the trackball from the office. But players of modern multiplayer titles can still see significant differences – the purchase decision is always very individual.

Because it is important that the mouse always feels good for you personally even with more intensive use – blindly following a purchase recommendation can therefore be a mistake.

There are countless different technical features that you can assign different relevance to your purchase decision:

  • Ergonomics:Size, shape, weight, surface coating. Strongly depending on how the mouse is gripped and how high the sensitivity is set in the game.
  • sensors:Laser or optical? Is an immaculate sensor mandatory for you?
  • functionality:Do you only need three or more buttons? Does your mouse need to be individually configurable? Wireless freedom or analog reliability?

Ergonomic dimensions / Comfreak

Regardless of the type of games you play or your own level of achievement, this factor is essential for every player. The feel of the device must fit, and above all, the mouse must feel good. Since a gaming session can take several hours, it is obligatory that the rodent sits well in the hand.

  • Do you have big or rather small hands?
  • Do you grasp the mouse with the palm of your hand or just with your fingertips?
  • Are you going to play with a high or rather slow pointer speed?

All this determines how big and heavy the device should be.

How many buttons do I want to use?

One of the most obvious differences in gaming mice is the number of available buttons. In order to decide between a simple mouse with three buttons and a programmable 18-key monster, it is not enough to ask all-inclusive what kind of games to use with it.

Even a typical MMO that requires gamers to use countless hotkeys can theoretically be easily operated with a simple mouse and all other keyboard functions. Likewise, many ambitious shooter players prefer a mouse with a few keys to focus solely on being able to precisely target the targets. But if you are used to something else, you can be the exception to this rule.

So it’s important that you decide for yourself how many buttons you will use effectively. Each player is different, and therefore has very individual requirements. You might even know best, for example, if you have problems with Starcraft 2, having to perform all actions with just one hand (because what pros in fast strategy games on the keyboard afford is almost unimaginable), and therefore the left hand with more hotkeys on the mouse would relieve.

Sensory: Hardcore player with ambitions or “casual”? / Florian Olivo

If you just do a round of work with colleagues once a month, your requirements will be significantly different from those of a professional player (or those who just want to become one). Of course, your mouse should also be as precise as possible for spontaneous sessions, but the sensors that have even smaller mirrors, such as some of the laser sensors still installed, are so reliable nowadays that you will not feel any difference.

The rule of thumb: All sensors used by well-known manufacturers are at least very good – but the highest quality optical pickups are extremely flawless. Only players with professional ambitions will feel these slight differences at all or appreciate the benefits. Also to note – the extremely high DPI numbers that are advertised, are not mandatory. Precision is more important to many players than high speed.

For example, if you’re more into the fun of it, that decision can open a wide range of models for you, so you may find the more ideal device for you in other aspects. For example, many professional players do not use wireless mice, but the drawbacks of the latest devices are so low that it may be the right choice for you if you want to sit back and relax from time to time.

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