8b: Simple website builder for mobile-friendly sites

No or little idea of web development, and still have a website here? Mobile friendly should it be and cost as possible? – The recently released Website Builder 8b promises the easiest usability and modern designed, responsive results. Let’s take a look at the features and let’s do a little DIY experiment …

The fact that 8b wants to make the creation of its own website as easy as possible is already apparent at the first click. The website of the modular system welcomes you with a brief headline and a selection list for Themes, from which you should start directly. Reduction to the maximum essential – not even a picture distracts from what 8b is meant to do: create websites for everyone and everyone.

Website Building Kit 8b

Homepage of the Website Builder 8b

Fresh at the start and with AMP support

The first of its kind 8b is by far not known, but the youngest: The Website Building Kit saw the light of the online world in January 2019. He wants to score points with a tidy user interface and extremely simple operation. With the browser-based application own websites can be created at home on the computer and on the way on tablet or smartphone, Internet connection provided.

8b uses SSL encryption and supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). The code-slimming cure from the house AMP Project or Google provides for short loading times, which in turn is beneficial for the mobile friendliness of the pages. Rounding off the website building kit is recommended for use for both private and commercial purposes and comes at least in the introductory phase completely free. In this phase, which is expected to run until the beginning of May 2019, new features are constantly being added. Then you can continue to use the kit function-restricted for free. In its payment variant, 8b wants to set itself apart from its competitors by offering a low price.

Website Building Kit 8b

8b makes it easy to create web pages

A website builder with themes for specific topics

The number of available themes currently amounts to 18. The respective designs and layouts should be suitable, among other things, for websites in the areas of gaming, music, photography, restaurant, travel and wedding. Likewise, more general topics such as shop, company or agency are addressed.

Website Building Kit 8b

Currently there are 18 themes available

Sign up for 8b and theme selection

To use 8b, you need to sign in via your email, Google or Facebook account. Immediately, you will receive a password to log in with. The theme you have chosen will then appear in prepared form and with already placed different sections in your web browser.

For example, the theme for photography comes directly with a menu bar, a header, several sections for displaying photos, a blog, offer and price range as well as sections for customer opinions, projects and a contact form. In short, one could say: Everything is already set, in the style of a WYSIWYG editor – including buttons, text fields and image placeholders.

Website Building Kit 8b

After selecting a theme, the page is ready for editing in the browser.

The functional areas of the website builder

As mentioned, 8b wants to entangle you with ease of use. In fact, you almost intuitively click through the available functions, which are spread across four areas:

  • Elements such as texts, buttons, foreground images and icons can be edited directly on the desktop.
  • On the right is a context menu that lets you customize the properties of each section of the page.
  • Also on the right side, the plus icon allows you to add more sections.
  • The menu on the left hand side adjusts the global style of the web page, creates subpages, and publishes.

Granted, in the beginning it takes a few minutes to discover the possibilities. But once a little einguchst falls, for example, the change from the just shown header area with the photographing lady in the background to the customized header with the cute owl pretty entertaining.

Website Building Kit 8b

Edits are made on the workspace and via three menus.

Arrange sections of a website

The sections of a page can be arranged as desired. This includes moving and pasting already inserted areas as well as adding new ones. The website builder offers a solid set of over 250 templates. Whether headers, contact details, price tables, articles, testimonials, galleries and sliders or sections for a call-to-action as well as timelines – with the necessary building blocks, the most basic areas of a website can be mapped.

Website Building Kit 8b

The sections of the page are easy to move.

Individual adaptation of the individual sections

Each section comes with its own contextual menu that adjusts the layout and appearance. Let’s take a look at the price tables as an example. In its basic formatting, the area offers three adjacent gray tables against a white background.

Website Building Kit 8b

The section for price tables in its basic design.

In the associated context menu, you first decide whether the background should have a different color or contain a picture. If you want to insert a picture, you can either pull it from your computer or from a library you have created at 8b. Alternatively, you can access stock images from Pixabay directly from the website builder. You can overlay the images with a color whose transparency is adjustable.

If necessary, you can place a title and a subtitle via your price tables. You can change the number of tables and align the text in left, center, or right. For each individual table, you can specify how many lines it contains. Dividing lines, check marks next to the text, buttons as well as additional information below the price can be switched on and off. The color and transparency of the tables you change easily.

You can easily make such settings using sliders, switches, small selection menus and color patches. All in all, much is possible to adjust the sections according to your wishes.

Website Building Kit 8b

The design of the sections can be adapted.

Global settings and subpages

About the menu on the left you take global attitudes vo. This concerns, for example, the fonts of the texts and the colors of buttons and links. In addition, you coordinate the structure of your website by creating corresponding subpages – in the following picture you can see the pages of the example project, which currently only consists of the start page and the contact page.

Website Building Kit 8b

Sub-pages can be set up via the menu on the left-hand side.

To link the pages, activate the corresponding text or a button. A link icon opens a window in which you create the links. Here are also links to external sites, the integration of e-mail addresses, phone numbers and files for download selectable.

Website Building Kit 8b

Buttons and texts can be easily provided with a link.

Publish site settings and website

Also via the menu on the left you can access the site settings, where you first define the page name and the favicon. Recently added options for domain modification, Google indexing and site analytics.

To integrate Google Analytics, Google sends the name, email address and profile picture to 8b.io. The Website Builder receives various authorizations, may, among other things, edit Google Analytics management units, view, retrieve and manage Analytics data, or send indexing data to Google.

Before embedding, you will see a detailed list of permissions that you should check. If you’ve given permission, it’s best to check your Google Account. Undersecurityyou find the areaThird-party apps with account accessthat shows in detail what 8b is allowed to do.

Website Building Kit 8b

The site settings of 8b.

When the website is published, a preview is generated in which the layout, content and linking can be checked again in both the desktop and the mobile view. If necessary, you can jump back to edit mode to make further changes.

Website Building Kit 8b

8b previews the desktop and mobile views.


The Website-Baukasten 8b is consistently easy to use: choose themes, arrange and customize building blocks, create subpages, link together and publish the whole thing. The way to your own website can not be much shorter. With 18 themes and over 250 sections, the selection of templates is currently manageable, but already sufficient to create small to medium websites.

The offered adjustment options also already offer a pleasant scope for design, with more of course always being desirable. If you can do without the maximum adaptability, 8b offers you an extremely easy way to create your own websites.

It still remains to be seen to what extent the themes, modules and functions will be expanded and how the design of prices will actually end at the end of the introductory phase.

Post picture: Depositphotos