Rich Content – Pictures and videos on the rise

Make your content sexy! With graphical elements, the content is more attractive and attracts more users. Professionals will tell you how to do it.

In the past, websites were very text-heavy. But today there are many ways to illustrate, enhance and visualize content. This is how you can turn your websites into attractive visitor magnets. By expanding the media formats used around image, moving image and sound, the content becomes more vivid, easier to understand and multi-dimensional.

Users have long since become accustomed to scanning a text with their eyes for eye-catchers such as headlines, photos and videos and to read across them. Therefore, you should not do without these elements.

Visuals are essential for modern content marketing

A comprehensive study by Venngage, which surveyed over 500 marketers in senior positions, recently noted the growing need for visuals in content marketing for 2019. Last but not least, they are an important tool to differentiate content from the mainstream pabulum and give it an unmistakable design.

Here are used for illustrations mainly Stock Photos (40%), infographics (37%), statistics and data in the form of charts (12%) as well as videos (7%), gifs and memes (4%). The infographics have the greatest success rate – 40% encourage users to take action.

Budgets for visuals and videos are increasing – rightly so!

In 2018, the sums spent on visual elements were less than 10% of the available budget, according to 42% of surveyed marketers. For 2019, however, the majority of the industry forecasts a significant increase: 30% of the budget should be spent on visuals.

As early as 2016, the US company Cisco evoked a big future for video content. By 2020, as much as 82% of all Internet traffic would be video content. So it is to be expected that tutorials, breaking news, funny spots and much more will be used even more in the future to get the attention of the users.


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Courage for humor: The new Haribo spots 2019

But videos also bring many other benefits: they combine information and entertainment much better and more effectively than a combination of image and text. In addition, they make it possible to illustrate even complex issues. What also speaks for videos: they convey emotions.

Better conversion with emotional content

Especially the emotional mediation of content has a positive effect on the purchase decision of potential customers. Marketing sociologist Gerald Zaltman confirms that 95% of our buying decisions are initiated by emotions. Videos are also useful because users remember them very well.

“Each of us has certain advertising jingles and slogans in our heads, often after years,” says Sebastian Petrov of the renowned online marketing agency seosupport from Berlin. “The advertising message stays in your head for years. And that, although we may not even have bought the product offered. “On texts or individual passages, however, one usually remembers less, says the expert.

Last but not least, users tend to watch a video rather than read a long text. Video content therefore leads to a longer residence time on websites, says the marketing expert. This in turn means that they are considered more relevant by search engines, so they rise in the ranking of results and are thus found faster, so Petrov.

Your users want to be inspired and entertained nowadays. Rich content – that’s colorful content full of life. As more and more providers compete for the attention of users, the demand is increasing rapidly. For a long time there has been a battle in the net for every click and every second of dwell time. The result is a wild race about who’s in the lead in audiovisual matters.

But do not worry, if you take into account the latest trends, your traffic will increase soon. It always pays to stay creative and try new formats.

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